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Portland, Oregon

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Citywide Parking Strategy

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Learn about the 11/18/15: Back to the Future of Parking Open House 

PBOT is developing a singular, collaborative and comprehensive Citywide Parking Strategy starting Fall 2014 and into the beginning of 2016. 

To achieve that, several parking related efforts are being coordinated to create a unified citywide strategy.  The efforts are also being coordinated under the policy umbrella of the City’s Transportation System Plan, currently underway. 

The parking efforts are:

Learn about The Future of Parking: Portland Parking Symposium that took place June 29, 2015

The main end products will be to:

  • Develop a PBOT Citywide Parking Strategy
  • Update parking policies in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Plan
  • Update the zoning code regulations guiding off street parking and loading in the Central City
  • Update administrative rules that guide the management of the City’s on-street and off-street assets and right-of-way.


Public Outreach + Engagement

PBOT staff will be out in the community beginning Fall 2015 to talk about potential recommendations coming out of the two Citywide Parking Strategy committees (Central City and Centers and Corridors). The outreach coincides with Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Mixed Use Zones Project and TSP Stage 2.

Click here to learn where staff will be Fall 2015.



The management of parking is an issue of growing importance throughout the City as growth and development brings increased density to mixed use centers and corridors and increases the demand for existing on-street parking.  Additionally, growth also leads to the need for better transportation amenities and a more developed system that better accommodates walking, cycling and riding transit.  The result is a competing need for limited right-of-way space. 

The City’s existing parking policies and management efforts have largely been focused on the Central City.  These policies and practices need updating.  In addition, a set of clear, predictable, flexible set of parking policies and tools also are needed for areas outside the Central City. 

Key Outcomes

  • More efficient use of parking and management of curbside space
  • Greater ease in implementation and operation of parking management tools as areas develop and change
  • Meet growth management and economic development goals
  • Meet our goals of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, including encouraging walking, cycling, transit and carpool trips over drive-alone trips
  • Reevaluation of the value of the right-of-way


Parking policy is a complex issue that requires both a citywide perspective as well as more localized approaches.  To meet these outcomes, the project team will rely on the TSP Technical Expert Group as a sounding board for developing broad citywide policy for the City and project objectives and directives (“Parking Fundamental Principles”) that will guide the citywide strategy. 

In addition, two subcommittees are recommended to guide the process, in addition to the TSP TEG:  One for the Central City and one for Centers and Corridors.  At key points along the process, work from these two committees will be shared with the larger TSP TEG and the public.  


This effort will seek the input and endorsement by the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission for Comprehensive Plan, TSP and zoning elements.  City Council adoption is expected of the different end products as well as the overall Citywide Parking Strategy.

Do you have comments about parking policy in Portland? Email them to

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Central City Truck Loading Zone Study

A study on Central City Truck Loading Zones for the city of Portland.

Back to the Future of Parking

Back to the Future of Parking