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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

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Commonly Referenced Code and Administrative Rules

City code and administrative rules related to PBOT development and permitting processes. Chapters refer to city code and TRN refers to transportation administrative rules.

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Code or Administrative Rule Title Topics
Managing Access to the Right-of-Way
Chapter 17.24 Permits -  Permitting and managing access to the public right-of-way
TRN-8.14 Right-of-Way Use Enforcement Program -  Criteria for assessing violations and penalties
-  Process for appealing enforcement actions and associated penalties
TRN-9.07 Public Works Permitting Administrative Rules -  Decision-making, processing, and fee requirements for review and approval of certain public works permits
Developing Your Property  
 Chapter 17.15 Transportation System Development Charge -  Application for new development, institutional development and port development
-  Exemptions and discounts
-  SDC credits, credit transfers and reimbursements
 Chapter 17.88 Street Access -  Conditions for building and permit actions
-  Requirements for a transportation impact study
-  Through street (connectivity) requirements [1]
-  Dedications prior to permit approval
-  Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge required

[1] Also see Title 33.645.110 “Land Divisions” and Title 33.130.292.B “Commercial/Mixed Use Zones” 
 Chapter 17.82 Land Divisions -  Streets and alleys
-  Partial width streets
-  Driveway access plans
-  Temporary turnarounds
-  Improvements in land divisions
 Chapter 17.107 Transportation and Parking Demand Management -  Required elements of a TDM plan
-  Requirements and procedures
-  Pre-Approved multimodal incentives for residential and mixed-use development
-  Required reporting
 Chapter 33.266 Parking, Loading, And Transportation And Parking Demand Management -  Standards for the amount, location, and development of motor vehicle parking
-  Standards for bicycle parking
-  Standards for on-site loading areas
-  Requirements for transportation demand management plans
 Chapter 33.852 Transportation Impact Review  -  Mechanism to evaluate whether the multimodal transportation system is capable of supporting proposed development
-  Consideration of proportional mitigation measures
 TRN-9.01 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) in Campus Institutional Zones -  Applicability and procedures for TDM in Campus Institutional Zones
 TRN-9.02 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plans in Commercial/ Mixed-Use Zones -  Applicability, program options and general requirements
-  Pre-approved TDM plan process
-  Custom TDM plan process
 TRN-9.06 Transportation System Development Charges Administrative Procedures Guide -  Procedures for implementing transportation system development charges
 TRN-10.27 Traffic Capacity Analysis for Land Use Review Cases -  Standards for traffic impact studies required in land use review or development
Improvement Design  
 Chapter 17.28 Sidewalks, Curbs and Driveways -  Sidewalks defined
-  Curb and intersection curb ramps
-  Driveways
-  Permits and conditions
 Chapter 17.42 Property Owner Responsibility for Streets -  Streets are constructed and maintained at the expense of abutting property owners until street improvements are constructed to the applicable standards of, and accepted for maintenance by, the City
 TRN-1.09 Design Standards for Public Streets -  Local standards used for street elements (streets, sidewalks and bikeways) and right-of-way widths
 TRN-1.22 Infill Development on Streets with an Existing Sidewalk Corridor -  Conditions under which the existing sidewalk configuration will be accepted rather than the standard requirement
 TRN-4.01 Street Lighting Standards -  Street lighting standards
 TRN-10.17 Sidewalk and Driveway Permits (including Asphalt Approaches) -  Sidewalk and driveway permits
-  Furnishing zone requirements
 Chapter 17.56 Public Utilities -  Required plans and specifications of proposed construction work to obtain a utility permit
-  Relocation and discontinuation of facilities
 Chapter 17.60 Underground Wiring Districts -  Underground wiring districts in which overhead wires are prohibited
 TRN-8.13 Utility Vault or Structure for the Benefit of the Adjacent Property Owner Review Approval Process -  Review approval process for the space needed in the public right of way to place a utility vault or structure that would have normally been placed on private property
 TRN-10.19 Utility Permits in the Right-of-Way -  Requirements for obtaining utility permits (aka ‘Street Opening Permits’)
-  For placement of underground structures, utility vaults or structures for adjacent property benefit, above ground structures, utility pole placement permits, etc.
 TRN-10.44 Vertical Infrastructure in the Public Right of Way -  Interim administrative rule for deployment of small cell wireless communication facilities
Design Exceptions  
 Exception PBOT Design Exception Process -  Instructions for requesting an exception to a design standard, guideline, or policy that will not be met (i.e. AASHTO, FHWA, Portland Pedestrian and Street Improvement Design Guides, MUTCD)
Chapter 17.06.050 Appeals -  Appealing a condition of approval that requires the alteration, repair, or construction of a facility in the public right of way, including but not limited to pavement, sidewalk areas, stormwater facilities or utilities -  List of actions not subject to appeal
TRN-1.27 Bureau of Transportation Public Works Alternate Review Committee -  Rules that apply to any person wishing to propose alternatives to frontage requirements imposed by PBOT
TRN-9.07 Public Works Permitting Administrative Rules / Administrative Review -  Public works permit appeals process
Right-of-Way Use
 Chapter 17.84 Street Vacations -  Criteria and procedures for vacating streets
 TRN-8.01 Major Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way -  Review of major private and public structures (e.g., skystructures, tunnels, arcades) in the public right-of-way
 TRN-8.08 Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way -  Revocable permits for encroachments (e.g., fences, stairs, vault openings, signs) in the public right-of-way
 TRN-8.11 Right of Way Leasing: Fee Structure -  Leasing real property and public right-of-way (air space, subsurface and surface leases)
Temporary Street Closures  
 Chapter 16.20 Public Right-of-Way Parking -  Regulation of parking on City of Portland owned or operated property
 Chapter 17.23 Special Traffic Control District -  Permit requirements and traffic standards that apply to the Special Traffic Control District downtown
 TRN-2.08 Traffic Control Plan Rules & Procedures -  Procedures for requiring a traffic control plan as a condition of any permit involving impeding or obstructing a travel lane
 TRN-8.12 Safe Accommodation for Pedestrians and Cyclists In and Around Work Zones -  Guidelines for providing space for cyclists and pedestrians through work zones
 TRN-10.03 Parking, Lane, Sidewalk and Street Closure Permits -  Permits for temporary use of the public right-of-way through the Temporary Street Use Permitting (TSUP) Program
Community Street Use  
Chapter 7.22 Street and Sidewalk Use Permits -  Regulation of special events (walks, marches, parades, athletic events or other processions in streets or on sidewalks)
TRN-1.01 Street and Sidewalk Use Administrative Regulations -  Administrative regulations for issuance of permits and assessment of fees for walks, marches, parades, athletic events or other processions in streets or on sidewalks
TRN-10.06 Portland in the Streets Program Administrative Rules -  Block Parties, Community Events, Pedestrian Plazas, Spaces to Places, Street Paintings, Street Prototyping