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Transportation and community partnership delivers 84 new parking spaces to East Portland commercial areas.

(July 21, 2014) - East Portland is enjoying 84 new bike parking spaces at 12 East Portland businesses and organizations after the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) recently completed the East Portland Bike and Shop project.  In partnership with community members and the East Portland Action Plan Municipal Partnership program, which provided funding to acquire and install the bike racks, PBOT brought much needed bike parking resources to a wide area of East Portland.

Baskins Robbins bike parkingThe project installed seven grouped bike cluster racks (typically called "corrals") and 21 individual bike racks to improve transportation choices for people traveling by bicycle and to provide increased customer access to dozens of East Portland businesses and organizations.

“I want to thank East Portland activists and the East Portland Action Plan for the hard work and partnership,” said City of Portland Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick. “This project demonstrates that in order to provide equal access we sometimes need to do things differently, including reevaluating our standard operating procedures to meet community goals. It’s an example of delivering on our promise to the people of East Portland to make it a safer and more convenient place to get around and to the businesses to improve connections to customers.”

East Portlanders had long flagged the lack of bicycle parking as one of the barriers to meeting daily needs by bike.  In meetings held over the last few years, community members noted that East Portland (along with SW Portland) face unique development patterns that preclude PBOT from providing the same quality and quantity of bike parking as other commercial corridors.

PBOT’s ubiquitous blue bike racks are public property. The racks are PBOT’s responsibility to maintain and are only installed in the public right of way – usually in the furnishing zone of the sidewalk adjacent to the businesses’ storefront.

Many of East Portland’s retail centers have large asphalt parking lots separating the sidewalk from the businesses’ front doors.  This separates a bike rack from a business’s front door by more than 100’, making bike parking inconvenient and inconspicuous to shoppers and clients. East Portland resident Jim Chasse wrote, “What most people don't know, or don't consider is, bike parking is so important to cyclists to protect their investment that we won't contribute to the economy if we don't have adequate facilities to lock our bikes to while we shop. This is a great start to encourage people to cycle more in East Portland!”

The project is a product of the East Portland in Motion plan, which called for installing bike parking on private property in approximately 10 locations.  Property owners assumed ownership and responsibility to maintain the racks. Previous City policy did not allow PBOT to donate bike racks to private businesses. In 2013, however, City Council gave the PBOT Director the right to provide such donations. East Portland community activists then helped identify potential locations and PBOT staff worked to secure business and property owner agreements.

 [photos by David Hampsten]

new bike racks








The project provided bike parking for a range of East Portland locations, including shopping plazas, social service and health care agencies, and individual businesses.  The full list of locations and bike parking facilities installed is included in the chart below.


# of Corrals

# of Staple Racks

# of Bike Parking Spaces

Multnomah County Aging and Disability Service (106th and SE Cherry Blossom)




Pizza Baron/Midway Plaza (122nd and SE Division)




Powell Villa (122nd and SE Powell)




Russellville Grange (121st and NE Prescott)




Rosewood Community Center (162nd and SE Stark)




Boss Hawgs Bar & Grill (102nd and NE Glisan)




IRCO Main Office (104th and NE Glisan)




Tina's Corner Café (122nd and SE Harold)




Tik Tok Restaurant (112th and SE Division)




Ed Benedict Park (104th and SE Bush)