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Process & Timelines

Process & TimelinesThe length of time necessary for each land use review depends on the procedure type, whether or not the initial application contains all the required materials and other factors. In general, a land use review will take from two to six months. Delays may occur when additional materials must be submitted, when a review is placed on hold to address various issues or when a review is appealed.

Procedure Types: There are five types of land use reviews. The step-by-step processing requirements are found in the Zoning Code under Chapter 33.730 - Quasi-Judicial Procedures. The assignment of a particular procedure type (I, II, IIx, III or IV) is usually done in the chapter that establishes the review.

Request for Extension of 120-Day Review Period

When extensions are requested, it isimportant to ensure that there is adequate time to accommodate the required public review,drafting the decision, and any required hearings (including appeals) within the extended review period.