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Renewable Natural Gas: Turning waste methane into clean energy

It turns out that sewage isn’t just waste to be treated, but a source of clean, renewable energy.

Environmental Services has been harvesting biogas (a byproduct of sewage treatment that is mostly methane) for many years, generating heat and electricity to power the treatment plant while selling a portion to a nearby roofing manufacturer. But even with this reuse, some methane was still burned off, released to the environment as carbon dioxide.

Now, through our Poop to Power Project, Portland is on its way to harnessing virtually all the methane produced at the treatment plant and turning this waste into a valuable resource. The resulting renewable natural gas (RNG) will be used to replace dirty diesel in commercial vehicles.


Environmental Services’ aims to create a triple win for the public: eliminating 21,000 tons a year of climate-altering emissions, generating upwards of $3 million a year in revenue for ratepayers, and replacing over one million gallons of vehicle fuel with clean renewable natural gas.

That makes Portland a national leader in turning poop into power. Instead of energy from fossil fuels, the anaerobic digesters at Portland's main wastewater treatment plant are creating a clean, local fuel that can be produced year after year from the waste of Portland's more than 600,000 residents. 

How we’re doing:

Before 2017 - Environmental Services had captured 77 percent of biogas from its anaerobic digesters, turning the waste methane into electricity and heat for use at the City’s wastewater treatment plant in North Portland and selling a portion to a nearby roofing company for its manufacturing process. The rest was flared - released to the environment as carbon dioxide.

2017 - City Council authorized Environmental Services to build the infrastructure to capture and clean almost 100 percent of the plant’s biogas, and to enter into a partnership with NW Natural to distribute the resulting renewable natural gas (RNG). Funneling the RNG into NW Natural’s pipeline allows a wider distribution. To maximize the environmental, community and revenue benefits, the RNG will be marketed as truck fuel to displace dirty diesel. Some of the RNG also will power City trucks at a natural gas fueling station to be built at the wastewater treatment plant.

2018 - Environmental Services opens the natural gas fueling station at the plant. It supplies conventional natural gas and the supply will convert to RNG in 2020, creating clean air benefits immediately by displacing dirty diesel. Climate benefits will be realized when the switch is made to RNG.

2020  - Environmental Services begins testing in the fall of 2020; full production is expected in late 2021.

2021-   Fall 2021 - production slated to begin. Meanwhile, Environmental Services continues our existing process that recovers and reuses about 77% of biogas.

Information contact: Diane Dulken (503)823-5328 

This page created March 2019, latest update May 2021.