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The City of Portland, Oregon

Environmental Services

working for clean rivers

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Accessing Portland Harbor Information and Data

Help make Portland Harbor information accessible and protect the cleanup

The City of Portland and State of Oregon Department of State Lands are working with EPA to make Portland Harbor Superfund information easier to access.

The Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup is complex. The 10-mile stretch of the lower Willamette River is divided into multiple project areas, and there will be at least 13 separate cleanups. A combination of government agencies and businesses are currently drafting cleanup plans for most of those areas.

A centralized website where environmental data and information about cleanup activities, fish advisories, recreation restrictions, and other use restrictions will support coordination and communication among performing parties, government entities, and the public.

The City and State invite local communities, public agencies, tribal governments, and businesses to inform the development of this website through participating in audience specific workshops and online questionnaires. See opportunities below.

Local Communities

Do you live near the Superfund, practice ceremony, fish, recreate, enjoy nature, watch wildlife, or have other connections to the lower Willamette River? The City and State are proud to partner with Blueprint Foundation, Black Educational Achievement Movement, Portland Audubon, Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group, and the Portland Harbor Community Coalition to include community voices in this process. Learn more. Contact with any questions.

Trustees and Public Agencies

The perspectives of entities that oversee the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup process as well as those who will permit or authorize activities in the Harbor after cleanup are critical to this effort. Your input will inform how information about ongoing river activities and use restrictions are made available. Read this factsheet to learn more about how this effort applies to trustees and public agencies. For more information and to participate in a workshop, email

Businesses and Waterfront Property Owners

The insights of both businesses directly and indirectly involved in the cleanup are important to develop this information hub. Businesses directly involved in the cleanup will likely be uploading cleanup data and project area-specific plans regarding use restrictions. Waterfront properties who are not directly involved with the cleanup could benefit from accessing information related to the cleanup. Please contact if you are interested in sharing your information and data access needs through an online questionnaire. Learn more about the role of businesses and waterfront properties in this project.

Advanced Data Users

Input is needed from experienced database users and developers, individuals deeply involved with Portland Harbor, and those who will use Portland Harbor cleanup data for technical analyses. Your expertise on data management tools, analytics, and standardization will influence the format and structure for how information will be managed. Check out this factsheet to learn more about the role of advanced data users on this project. Contact Erik Strandhagen at for more information and to receive the online questionnaire geared specifically to your expertise.

Community Members

Lend your voice, insights, and input to help ensure communities get the information they need about the river cleanup

Advanced Data Users

An invitation to participate in a needs assessment for the Information Management and Institutional Control Plans

Agencies and Trustees

An invitation to participate in a needs assessment for the Information Management and Institutional Control Plans

Business and Waterfront Property Owners

An invitation to participate in a needs assessment for the Information Management and Institutional Control Plans