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The City of Portland, Oregon

Police Bureau

Sworn to protect. Dedicated to serve.

Phone: 503-823-0000

Non-Emergency: 503-823-3333

1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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Overview & Metadata

Data Field Definitions

Field Definition
ID A unique identifier to denote an overtime request
Request Date Date in which the overtime was worked
Backfill Denotes when a staff member is working a shift for another member who is absent
Category Grouping of types of overtime into broad categories
Rank Job classification (for both sworn and non-sworn employees)
Work Hours Hours worked on an overtime assignment
Paid Hours Hours paid for an overtime assignment. Labor contractors can stipulate that members be paid a minimum amount of hours for an overtime assignment.

Reporting Unit Descriptions
Note that RU names change over time to reflect updates in duties. Additionally, personnel within RUs changes often and roles within a specified RU may shift to other RUs over time.

Reporting Unit (RU) Display Name Description
BSG Business Services Group - has oversight of the bureau's budget, grant management and compliance, purchasing, ordinance preparation and filing, accounting, payroll, financial planning, alarms management, fleet management, facilities management, Quartermaster program management, and SAP change management.
Central Central Precinct - comprised mostly of patrol-level officers and support staff.
Chief's Office Office of the Chief of Police and their support staff.
Detective Comprised of detectives and investigative support staff.
DVD Drugs and Vice Division -  former name for NOC team (see below)
East East Precinct - comprised mostly of patrol-level officers and support staff.
Equity and Diversity Equity & Inclusion Office - dedicated to embedding equitable practices and inclusive behavior into the daily functioning of the Bureau.
Family Services Works to reduce crime, violence and victimization in families, especially concerning domestic relationships, children and the elderly, through criminal investigations, law enforcement, victim assistance and community partnerships.
Fiscal Former name of BSG (see above)
Forensics Organized into three functions: sworn criminalists, non-sworn identification technicians, and non-sworn photo reproduction specialists. Responsible for fingerprints, forensic evidence collection, and the photo lab.
FSD see Family Services above
Information Technology Provides technology services and support and is under the Public Safety Technology Division in the Bureau of Technology Services.
Internal Affairs Conducts administrative investigations into alleged policy violations by Portland Police Bureau members.
NOC Narcotics and Organized Crime - functions as disrupter to mid-to-high-level drug trafficking operations, investigation of all cases of drug overdose death where actionable leads may result in the arrest of suspects who contributed to the death through the supply of illegal drugs, and provide support to the patrol precincts to help solve neighborhood livability issues.
North North Precinct - comprised mostly of patrol-level officers and support staff.
Personnel Human resource-related service to the bureau. Includes background investigations, maintaining personnel records, and implementing recruitment.
Professional Standards Office Includes the Department of Justice Compliance Team (DOJ), the Force Inspector, Employee Information System (EIS), and the Policy Unit. DOJ Compliance works towards fulfilling the requirements of the DOJ Settlement Agreement. EIS compiles information to enable review of sworn members' work performance. The Force Inspector reviews all uses of force and makes recommendations regarding improvements to the systems of accountability. The Policy Unit reviews existing Bureau directives and creates new directives to ensure alignment with best practices.
Property/Evidence Maintains the integrity of the chain of custody of all property and evidence submitted by Portland Police, Portland State University Officers, Oregon Health Sciences University Officers, and some federal agents.
Records Process police records, requests and perform day-to-day operations promptly and accurately.
REGJIN Sustainment The Regional Justice Information Network is a multi-agency shared records management system sponsored by the Portland Police Bureau. Staff oversee the system which provides a common platform for electronic police reports.
Strategic Services Provides research, analysis, statistics and data to internal and external stakeholders to support law enforcement functions.
TIG Technology Integration Group - see REGJIN Sustainment above
TOD Tactical Operations Division - provides support to the Operations Branch (patrol) and Investigations Branch (detectives) including: air support, explosives disposal, rapid response, crisis negotiation, and gun violence reduction.
Traffic Traffic enforcement, serious injury collision investigation, fatal collision investigations, DUII enforcement, traffic complaints and major traffic crime investigations.
Training Provides training to members of the bureau in areas including: advanced academy, sergeant's academy and employee in-service.
Transit Police Coordinates inter-governmental agreements between TriMet and eleven other counties and municipalities.
Youth Services Works to keep youth in school and out of the criminal justice system through both restorative justice practice and trauma-informed approaches. Includes School Resource Officers.