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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Voluntary Sidewalk Repair – Minor Improvement Permit (MIP)

UPDATE (07.01.2020) 

Due to mandatory restrictions and furloughs of PBOT staff, we ask for your patience regarding the requests and processing of permits. 

It will take approximately 10 business days for Voluntary Minor Improvement Permits (VMIPs) to be processed.  


Minor Improvement Permits (MIPs) for

Voluntary Sidewalk, Driveway, and Curb Repairs are now online!


 If you need to close the sidewalk in order to perform your repair work, you are required to provide notification online of your closure dates, after you obtain the repair permit.

For information on permits to close additional portions of the right-of-way (reserve parking, lanes, etc), visit Temporary Street Use Permitting.



If you own property within the City of Portland, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of any sidewalks, driveways, and curbs adjacent to the property that you own. Before beginning any voluntary demolition or repair work in the pedestrian sidewalk corridor, you or your contractor must have a Minor Improvement Permit (MIP) from the Bureau of Transportation.

Repairs at multiple sites require one permit per site; for example, repairs at two adjacent house frontages would require one permit for each home. The amount of work that can be completed under this permit is limited and some larger repairs may require a different type of permit. 

MIPs are not available for properties that have been issued a Sidewalk Repair Notice.  For mandatory repairs, please visit the Sidewalk Maintenance Program webpage if your property has received a Sidewalk Repair Notice or for more information on this program.

Apply online

Applications that are received, approved, and paid for by 3pm will be issued via email within the next business day. Learn more about this faster and more convenient process.

Apply in-person at the Development Services Center (DSC)

Alternately, If you do not have access to a smart phone or computer, there are computers available in the Development Services Center for public use, at 1900 SW 4th Ave, 1st floor. Get directions to and see hours for the DSC.

Permit fees

See an alphabetical list of current Fiscal Year Fees for PBOT. The most common MIP repairs are:

  • CURB

 All voluntary MIPs have a minimum processing fee of $60 and maximum fee of $200. MIPs are only available for up to a total of 100 lineal feet of frontage repairs to sidewalks and 50 lineal feet of curb replacement.

Permit Refund Policy

If your permit:

  • has a change in scope of work, 
  • has an error in the permit’s calculation, you may be able to request a refund from PBOT.

If we approve your refund on a same day payment, PBOT will void the MIP and your credit card account won't be charged.

If the permit has been processed through the bank, you'll need to complete and email a refund request for PBOT approval. PBOT sends approved refunds via check from the City of Portland, payable to the name listed on the Credit Card used for paying the MIP invoice. Refunds may take up to 60 days to process and are at the discretion of PBOT.

All refunds shall be at the discretion of Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Learn more about the Refund Policy on Permits Issued by Street Systems Management

Request a refund – Please email the request listing the MIP information and payee’s information, an application will be provided by staff

Inspections & Consultations

All repairs and construction within the public right-of-way require a passing final inspection before the permitted work is considered complete. An MIP requires an inspection of the concrete forms or pavement base before pouring concrete or paving and a second inspection after completing the permitted work. In some cases, your inspector may require any additional inspections that they deem necessary.

If tree roots are exposed by your repair and the tree roots or tree base would need to be cut or otherwise impacted to a make the repair then you will also need an inspection by the City Forester before you build your concrete forms or place your base. Based on their inspection, it may not be possible to cut or disturb the tree roots. If unable to cut the tree roots then you will need to consult with your Minor Improvement Permit inspector before you build your concrete forms or place your base.

The Minor Improvement Permit inspector is available for consultations before you get your permit by calling 503-823-7002x1. You can get answers to questions such as how extensive of a repair might be required, what areas of sidewalk don't meet City maintenance standards, and how to solve unique problems or address specific conflicts with existing infrastructure. The City Forestry inspector can be reached for questions regarding trees at 503-823-TREE (8733).  

Pictures of Common Repairs and Damage

diagram for identifying and measuring sidewalk



Driveway reconstruction 


Replacement of damaged sidewalk panels


Replacement of damaged curb


Repair of curb-tight sidewalk


Damage caused by tree roots


Standard Drawings

The below standard drawings provide a reference for design and construction of sidewalk, curbs, and driveways. There are multiple standard drawings for driveways and the appropriate standard for your location will be selected City staff. The final design and construction details are determined by the inspector for your permit.



Detailed Information

This document has more detailed information regarding sidewalk repairs, permits, work types, inspection, and other items.


If you have any question or need to contact us we can be reached by telephone at 503-823-7002 option 3 or by email at