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TNC Drivers Advisory Committee (Lyft, Uber, Wingz)

 Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Committee is to focus on issues impacting TNC (Lyft, Uber, Wingz) drivers and serve as a forum where drivers can express issues, concerns, and suggestions about this evolving industry. This Committee will have the support of a professional facilitator that will assist the committee, as needed, to make policy recommendations and an independent mediator to help resolve driver complaints.

The Committee may focus on a range of issues including, but not limited to, transparent collection and use of data, accessibility, wages, public safety, driver injury, issues related to insurance, safety and reliability for passengers, equalizing standards across the for-hire sector, and dispute resolution.

Meeting Topic Submission Form

Topics related to the industry may be submitted for consideration by the Committee. Topics chosen by the Committee will be discussed at a future agenda. If the Committee has already discussed the topic, further discussion may not occur. Please refer to the previously discussed topics.

Complaint Form

This form is intended to help TNC drivers describe complaints about TNC companies, drivers, or other industry-related issues to a neutral and independent mediator who will attempt to resolve the complaints(s). Before submitting this form, drivers are required to attempt to resolve the complaint with the company. General complaint trends will be shared with the TNC Drivers Advisory Committee.

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Ombuds Reports

Reports are produced quarterly and submitted to the advisory committee for review.

Previously Discussed Topics

Refer to this list before submitting a topic or for a quick-reference of past committee work.

More Information

Committee Members, Bylaws, and more


Upcoming and Previous

Complaint Form

Submit industry-related complaints to a independent mediator. Drivers must first attempt to resolve the complaint with the TNC.

Meeting Topic Submission Form

Submit industry-related topics for the Committee to consider. Previously discussed topics can be found on another page.