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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

Fax: 503-823-7576

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Bicycle Trip Planning Assistance

PBOT's online bike map

click the map image above to open the online, mobile-friendly Portland Bike Map

Planning for a trip by bike

Most cyclists want a direct route, but may not want to mix it up with busy traffic.  Here are online services which will suggest how to get from here to there by bike.  Please note: route plans are suggestions - you may decide to use other streets based on the traffic conditions you encounter.


TriMet's Map Trip Planner

screenshot of TriMet trip plannerTriMet's Trip Planner lets you plan trips by bike, by transit, by foot, or a combination of modes.  Use the drop-down menu next to "Travel By..." to choose bike-only or bike+transit trip planning.

For bike trips you can specify your preference for quickest route, flattest route, or most bike-friendly (this last choice is recommended by the programmers).   You'll see the distance of the trip, get an elevation profile of the route, and you can print turn-by-turn directions. 

  • Go to the Map Trip Planner
  • Type in your start point and final destination (you can also right-click and mark starting and ending points on the map with your mouse)
  • Choose your "Travel By" method from the drop-down menu
  • If traveling by bike only, use the triangle adjuster to indicate your preference of quickest, flattest, most bike-friendly (you can include some percentage of all these variables); if traveling by bike and transit, choose the maximum distance you want to bicycle
  • Click "Plan Your Trip"
  • You can automatically plan a return trip by clicking the "Reverse" button; you can edit your trip with the "Edit" button; and you can print the map and turn cues using the "Print" button


Google Maps

screenshot of Google map trip plannerGoogle Maps Bike Trip Planner.  Based on the popular Google maps tool, this is still in Beta version.  With feedback from users the program is improving over time.

  • In Google Maps, click "Get Directions" and then the Bike symbol.  Input your starting and ending address.
  •  Gives total distance, approximate travel time, turn cues, and map.  May offer several distinct routes to choose from.
  •  You can click a point on the route map line and drag it to change the suggested route to better reflect your preference.
  •  By zooming in you can also find TriMet transit points, if you want to combine a bike ride with bus or light rail.


Other resources 

Bike Maps from City of Portland  (Downloadable PDFs or order a paper copy)

Choose the neighborhood Bike/Walk maps for local trips or the Citywide commuter map for cross-town journeys.  

Here is a dynamic version of the Citywide bike map that works on mobile devices.

Maplets (for iOS and for Android)

A clever app that uses maps from local providers (all of Portland's Bike maps are included, plus many other municipalities and regions) and adds GPS to help you find where you are.  Does not suggest a route, but lets you plan one, make notes on your map, etc.  (small fee to download)