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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

Customer Service: 503-823-7770


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Portland Water Bureau CAD Standards

CAD Standards 
Contact Portland Water Bureau CAD for Standards assistance.

Standard Drawings

Fire Hydrants:
P-700        Fire Hydrant Assembly  (+Change Record 20Feb2013)

Blowoff and Air Release
P-720        2” Blow-off Assembly
P-730        1” Manual Air Release Assembly
P-740        Temporary Test/Sampling Point Assemblies

Corrosion Control and Crossings
P-750        Gen Corrosion Control Details
P-755        Joint Bonds
P-760        Dielectric Isolation Joints
P-765        Test Stations
P-770        Sleeved and Cased Pipe
P-775        Dielectric Isolation Between Butterfly Valve and MCSP

Small Water Services
P-780        1” Service Assembly

P-795        Concrete Thrust Collar DI Pipe
P-796        Concrete Thrust Collar Sequencing Plan
P-805        Valve Box & Cover (CIV) Assembly
P-810        Valve Operator Extension
P-815        Typical Street Trench Section
P-825        Sampling Station
P-826        Sampling Station Tapped Off Service
P-845        Tree Planting Clearance Water Facility Pipe < 24-inch Diameter
P-846        Tree Planting Clearance Water Facility Pipe >= 24-inch Diameter
                  Previous Tree Clearance Drawings

Vault Drawings

Frames and Covers (Fabrication Drawings)
P-910        Valve Box & Cover (CIV)
P-915        Extension for Valve Box
P-930        12”x14” CI Frame and Cover
P-935        14”x20” CI Frame and Cover