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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

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Water Efficiency Rebates & Incentives

Questions? Please call or email us at 503-823-4527,

Toilet Rebate

The Portland Water Bureau is currently offering a $50 rebate for replacing an old toilet or urinal with a WaterSense-labeled model. Commercial, residential, and multifamily accounts are eligible. Please note that the old toilet or urinal MUST be recycled at an approved recycling center. The program will end when funds are depleted. Funds are still available for the rebate.  

Customers enrolled in the bill discount program are eligible to get up to a $100 toilet rebate. 

Outdoor Irrigation Rebate

To help manage the increase in use and reduce peak summer water demand, Portland Water Bureau customers can now apply for rebates on water saving multi-stream rotator nozzles and WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers. With proper installation, programming, and maintenance homeowners and businesses can incorporate these upgrades to save thousands of gallons of water annually. Funds are still available for the rebate.  

Commercial Ice-Machine Rebate

Replacing an older water-cooled ice machine with an Energy Star-labeled air-cooled model is a great way to save water and money. The Portland Water Bureau Water Efficiency program offers a rebate for commercial ice machine upgrades. When you replace a water-cooled ice machine with a high-efficiency Energy Star-labeled air-cooled ice machine, you can qualify for a rebate worth 50% of the cost of the new eligible ice machine up to a maximum of $3,000.

Non-residential Water Efficiency Incentive

The Portland Water Bureau is currently accepting applications for non-residential water efficiency improvement projects - targeting small businesses and non-profits. Incentive awards pay 50% of the approved costs of the project up to a maximum of $5,000 per project.  Please contact Jeff Sandberg at 503-823-4307 or for more information. 

Rebate Questions? Call 503-823-4527 or email

Commercial Ice Machine Rebate

Upgrade an older water-cooled ice machine to save water and money!

Toilet Rebates

Residential, Multifamily and Commercial accounts all qualify for rebates. Click on each form to learn more about each program.

Outdoor Irrigation Rebates

Rebates for water efficient irrigation equipment - controllers and multi-stream rotating nozzles.