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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Water Bureau

From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

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Renewable Energy

  • Solar Arrays A small solar thermal array provides hot water to the Interstate office building

  • Solar Arrays Installation of 78 kW solar array on roof of the new Interstate Shops & Stores Warehouse.

  • Solar Arrays Groundwater Treatment Building solar array.

  • Solar Arrays Meter Shop solar array.

  • Solar Arrays Solar monitoring station in the Bull Run watershed.

  • Solar Arrays Solar on the Slough array at the Groundwater Pump Station.

  • Micro Hydro The Vernon Micro Hydro project.

  • Hydropower This powerhouse at Dam 1 in the Bull Run watershed generates renewable hydropower.

The City of Portland’s Green Building Policy requires the incorporation of on-site renewable energy systems into the design and construction of all new City-owned facilities, as practical, or as required by the State of Oregon. The Water Bureau also set a goal for the bureau to achieve and maintain a capacity of 400 kW of renewable energy, including solar and micro-hydro facilities. The Water Bureau has met this goal by installing, or helping to install, 400 kW of renewable energy. These facilities help reduce the amount of fossil-fuel energy that the Water Bureau consumes.

Solar Energy

Interstate Shops & Stores Warehouse
The Water Bureau's Shops & Stores Warehouse at Interstate has a 78 kW array on the roof. This array will provide energy for the warehouse and the office Maintenance Building.

Interstate Maintenance Building
There is a small solar thermal array on the Maintenance Building at Interstate that provides hot water to the building.

Meter Shop Solar Array
A 12.24 kW solar array on the roof of the LEED Gold-certified Meter Shop provides 10 percent of the building’s average annual electricity and is able to generate as much as 15-20 percent of the building’s electricity during summer months.

Groundwater Treatment Building Solar Array
A 9.80 kW solar array is located on the roof of the Groundwater Treatment Building.

Powell Butte Interpretive Center Solar Array
A 7.92 kW solar array was recently constructed as part of the Powell Butte Reservoir Project. This installation will provide electricity to three new buildings at the site – a caretaker’s residence,  interpretive center, and maintenance building.

Solar on the Slough Array
A 267.54 kW solar array at the Groundwater Pump Station is located on bureau land. The system is owned and managed by a third party (Groundwater Solar LLC). Energy from the array provides power to the pump station when it is operating. 

Solar at Bull Run monitoring stations
The bureau also has four small solar arrays at water quality monitoring stations in the Bull Run watershed. Each array has a capacity of 110 Watts. Using solar technology at remote locations saves money and eliminates the need to use and store liquefied propane gas (LPG).


The Water Bureau installed a 25 kW micro-hydro turbine at Sabin Hydro Park in September 2012. This Vernon Micro-Hydro Project converts energy from moving water into electrical energy. 


Two large hydropower facilities are located at the Bull Run dams. They are owned by the Bureau of Hydroelectric Power and are operated by Portland General Electric. For more information see the Bureau of Hydroelectric Power. These facilities generate between 50 and 100 million kWh of electricity per year, depending on conditions. This hydropower helps contribute to the region’s mix of renewable power.